Short Message Service
This service allows you to send an immediate SMS message where you can send messages through the site easily and conveniently in a maximum period of seconds regardless of how many numbers you have ...
You can also raise the profile figures from your computer to Active your account directly without the need to write again ...
it is less expensive than a mobile phone and the subscriber can change the name of the sender, and add other numbers as a number the sender.
Our services include individuals, corporations, schools, institutions and institutes, exhibitions, seminars and Hajj and Umrah travel and tourism offices, mosques, and mosques and charities.
For the purchase of service you can contact us
• there is no expiration date.
• transmission system for free through a special program or by posting our, is easy to use, high speed and security for sending messages.
• characterized by very high-quality services and provide technical support service around the clock.
• have the entire infrastructure for the operation of any project and linking with the SMS service, and connectivity with a variety of databases (Access - Excel - Oracle - MSSQL).
• You can print various reports with information, contacts, and chronological history of messages sent.
• have a very large set of messages that are ready for all occasions.
• You can send the message to an unlimited number of recipients, and content of the message variable.
• You can write an unlimited number of characters in a single message to both the Arabic and English.
• You can specify the date and time the message is sent (reminders) at the times and dates later.
• provide a service import / export data from / to other Data.
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