What service e-marketing via e-mail and what are its advantages?

■ ad is to send a message to a large number of Palestine emails through programs and dedicated servers and a huge database of the most comprehensive classified emails within the Palestine custom categories vary according to interest in each category.

■ Most of the advertising campaigns print publication in the road or a specific area on the reverse e-marketing, which is characterized by the possibility of delivery of the Declaration of most Internet surfers in Palestine and that number increases dramatically every day.

■ The cost of print ads or television or equivalent times the road has been up to many times the cost of the ad campaign in emails as well as to close or that the results may be less than the results of e-marketing.
What do you stand out from others in providing this service?
■ the ability to send advertisement to a certain category according to the mailing lists available to us (the existing student - medical list - List of Companies).

■ to ensure access by a large advertising to the Inbox (Inbox), and not to non-important e-mail (Junk) and to ensure that reading the declaration of the largest possible number of recipients.

■ Create a special page on its Internet advertising and information Tziodkm statistics for visitors to this page.

■ design ad for free.

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