Contract agreement

First Party: AlAdham Multimedia Technology.
Tani party: .....................................................................................................

1. Contents:
All sites hosted by AlAdham Multimedia Technology Company is subject to the conditions listed below, and is considered the request of any person to host our position as a consent to the conditions described here, with all its amendments.
AlAdham Multimedia Technology Company considers that all the contents of the sites hosted have legal, and any process, store or exchange of any information that conflicts with international laws and norms considered prohibited:

- Terms of hosting:
1. We are committed to providing the specifications agreed upon area and processed within two hours of receipt of the communication fees.

2. We are committed to hosting only your technical support and insure the site backup copy on the same server daily, weekly, monthly and external backup every two months.

3. You must backup Permanent to your site perform through the control panel does not consider liable for any information that is lost or deleted what we have not returned from the host foreign company with the knowledge that one of our services is copying Permanent Reserve League (today - weekly - monthly) on a regular basis .

4. Responsibility for the site on the owner of the site in terms of quality or obscured full content and rights.

5. prevents host the following contents or Maitalq: penetration, espionage or all of malware, viruses, sexual material and pornography or against the Islamic religion or morals, or whatever cause injury or threat to a person or a particular group or whatever it is contrary to the general trend of the country, and bear owner site offending damage resulting full responsibility.

6. prevent mass mailer and dumping postal mailing lists and bears the owner of the website offending damage and closes his position immediately with the client fined not entitled to claim the rest of the financial dues.

7. consumption of system resources and damage to the server is under the responsibility of the owner of the site if it is to make sure the client tries to harm one of the servers or consumption of system resources such as processor or memory, or network using malicious scripts or prohibited will lead to the closure of the site directly without re-payments with the client value fined damages.

8. prohibiting the use of programs to provide free services for visitors, such as hosting or any types of services provided to the owners of other sites. And space (location) and the services provided to the client to use a dedicated client only.

9. is not entitled to the customer to cause any harm to the host and is a contract between you and the host binding for both parties and this agreement in effect that cancels the contract and is entitled to move after the payment of additional fees for services and considers each contract between you and the host independent contract expires at the end to host your site.

10. In the event of a sudden malfunction to server or website, the host is not responsible for (the files that were lost and databases), but are common compensation for the period during which the server crashes (provider). So the client to keep a copy of all the files in the site. Note that the servers are connected to the network by at least 99% per month and is the joint compensate for the period of interruption additional period if the ratio of contact less than 99% during the contract period.

11. The client shall pay hosting the time of renewal fees and the right to add 5 days on the duration of the contract and let loose during, and after the end of this period will be automatically deleted from our servers once the site is not entitled to the statements of its claim unless renewal.

12. not to the customer the right to demand technical support for the installation and maintenance of programs and forums, magazines and all services are free of scripts other independent additional fees.

13. In the case of increasing (the volume of data exchange) Bandwidth Traffic Bandwidth for the specified size is shut down the site automatically until the beginning of next month and the user confirm the size Albandut the user through the control panel, and in the case of a tenant's desire to increase Albandut he will request an increase Albandut and payment of value directly after notice by hosting, it notes that it is calculated Albandut and space programs determined by the host.

14. The customer shall provide correct data and address and all means of communication by the official mail correspondence is doing.

15. Customer is entitled to transfer his plan to a higher and higher specification and pay the difference in fees.

16. the right to host cancel the contract without prior notice if the customer violates the agreement without the slightest responsibility.

17. the host has the right to change the terms of this agreement and the customer will notice about it.

18. The re-_igal Alsarfrckl two weeks to reactivate the equivalent of 10 minutes and is done after midnight.

2. Insurance:
Both the request to host the position we agree to protect Adham company from any legal prosecution or damage or loss caused by the location, is also considered OK on the entire judicial, financial and moral responsibility for the damage caused by the bear, and Adham company bears compensate their customers any form of loss resulting from the implementation of the decision issued by the official authorities (local or international) the direction of any of the customers.

3. Cancellation:
It is possible for the customer booking via e-mail or telephone to cancel without having the right to the customer reclaim the amounts paid to book a location, nor Adham company is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the termination provision for customer account after calls for ending it, so is the customer is responsible for the existence of a copy additional from the site has.

4. The use of credit cards:
Adham company considers that a person who uses a credit card to reserve a domain name or hosting site, is a person with full legal and financial eligibility to use this card, and are fully aware of the death abusive use of the card or use a stolen card or unauthorized use of the original owner, under penalty of cancellation of booking scope and host name without any warning at any moment the illegal credit card use was demonstrated with the prosecution of the abuser.
5. Prepayment:
All expenses related to hosting the site considered prior expenses payment by the customer, and the customer undertakes to pay all renewal dues to host his or reserve a domain name before a maximum period of 30 days from the expiry of the service date, and is not responsible for any damage or loss Adham company that produces cancellation the domain name or location after the end of the booking period if the customer does not have to pay to renew the service expenses.
6. civil, legal and financial rights of the change in the agreement:
Adham any company is the customer has is a person with full legal and financial eligibility, inventory deal with any and is the only person entitled to claim the abolition of the site or the renewal of the service or any amendment thereto, and Adham company is the claim to make any change to the service provided by it the customer without prior consent and informing the company of this request.
7. guarantee the survival of the site:
Adham company to ensure the survival of the site and stability on our own servers located in Canada and America, by 99% and is considered the work site interruption or cancellation of its domain name holder outside the scope of the company or outside Palestine for reasons other than certain Tertiaha foreign countries is responsible for them, the company is trying to do to solve the problem within a maximum period of one month, if possible, it is stopped the work of the hosting company outside of Palestine for any reason, the work is not responsible, and it does not apply any responsibility for the company's proxy for one of the hosting companies outside Palestine is also considered a request for compensation for any loss caused to stop the site or the domain name canceled definitively Company does not assume any compensation for it to stop.
8. The Company reserves
The right to delete all or part of the information on the Mkhaddmadtha which it considers undesirable or inconsistent with the agreement when hosting, as the company is to keep a copy of the site is the common responsibility and is not responsible for the loss of data stored in the data or e-mail rules, whatever the reasons.
9. Maintenance:
Adham company undertakes to perform the required periodic maintenance of the sites hosted then produces these maintenance periods sometimes stopped for one of the sites or part of them.
10. Cancellation:
In the event of force majeure beyond the scope of the company and a company that can Adham are running hosted the site for any reason or circumstance website is canceled and not entail any compensation or allowance to the customer.
11. amendments to the agreements
Adham right company to change and modify, add, cancel any part of this agreement fully or partially and at any time with the announcement about it long enough before the start of implementation.
It is the right Adham company of any change, or suspend or stop any aspect or part of the site, at any time, including data bases, or their contents, also have the right to impose limits on certain features and services, and determine your access to parts of its or to the site as a whole, without warning, and without assuming any liability.
12. Disclaimer of Warranties
User acknowledges that he uses Adham services company on his own responsibility, wherever and as is available from before and it does not provide any warranty of any kind in this regard including commercial guarantees, or use a special or particular or guarantees concerning the provision of certain requirements of the users or warranties regarding non-interruption for the purpose of service or free of errors and defects, and Adham company makes no guarantees, the consequences for the use of its services or for the accuracy or validity of the information received through it, and the user acknowledges that he fully understands and accepts that the information and data and materials obtained through the company's services but gets it is his responsibility, and he agrees that any advice received written or oral, or may obtained through use of the company do not constitute nor imply any kind of guarantees mentioned here or not remember.

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